Filling Thread Lift Using American Sutures Filling Thread Lift Using American Sutures




1. Introduction

The technique of using sutures to rejuvenate skin without surgery is a great advance in today’s cosmetic surgery. Thread lift using American insoluble sutures is a technique that challenges every possible state of the skin, such as saggy skin, wrinkly skin, severe smile lines, skin with melasma,… It ensures to bring out beauty against time, with the results lasting up to 25 years. AHIB Corp is confident to be the leading professionals in filling thread lift, giving our clients nationwide and worldwide a natural and lively beauty.

2. Efficacy

  • 15-25 years younger
  • Only one procedure
  • Life time result
  • Correct facial imperfections

3. Advantages

  • Become 15 - 25 years younger without surgery
  • Warranty lasts up to 30 years
  • Dr.American with at least 12 years of experience will directly perform the procedure
  • Painless and does not require resting time
  • The one and only threadlift techniques using insoluble sutures in the world
  • The sutures' materials are FDA approved and are compatible with the human body
  • American procedures - American technology - American standards
  • Safe with minimal risk of complications during the procedure
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4. Before & After Results

5. Suitable candidates

Clients who want to be 15 - 25 years younger

Clients who want to be 15 – 25 years younger, have an in-depth social understanding and a high standard of living that can understand the long-term safety and results of thread lift using American insoluble sutures.

Clients who are entering the aging phase

Clients who are entering the aging phase, experiencing Sagging facial muscles, Sagging facial skin, Decrease in collagen density, Raised – hollow – grooves around facial areas, Sagging skin & muscles of the neck – double chin, Sagging skin & muscles of arms – chest – abdomen

Clients who have tried other methods but found them INEFFECTIVE

Clients who have tried other methods but found them INEFFECTIVE, such as collagen thread lift, gold thread lift, Korean barbed thread lift, Facelift surgery, Hifu, and Thermage,…

Clients with aesthetic needs

Clients with aesthetic needs: young clients who want a V-line face, clients with asymmetrical faces caused by mishaps, clients with face distortion due to Bell-palsy; clients with ectropion due to unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries.

6. Procedure

The total time procedure duration is from 60 to 120 minutes.

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