To meet our customers’ needs, American Health & IBeauty will always bring forward the best services, with the purpose to branch out and be the top healthcare and beauty chain in the world. From now till 2028, AHIB will become the empire of Super Smart Business, concentrating on proactive healthcare management and beauty care with US advanced technology. With financial stability and a Dr. American team (with at least 12 years of experience, specializing in proactive healthcare and cosmetics), AHIB will be the leader of innovating advanced cosmetic techniques, bringing the best services and products to customers.


[AHIB] is the leading unit in proactive healthcare and cosmetics domestically and internationally. We are focusing on applying proactive health management and cosmetic techniques, using US state-of-the-art technology, with American standards – American products – American procedures. Our mission is to bring forward proactive health management and professional cosmetics, helping millions of domestic and international customers to have perfect health, and giving them motivation to be confident and successful in life.

Core Values

History of formation and development


Senior Doctor Nguyen Cong Han


  • 1. General Practitioner
  • 2. General, Obstetrics, and Gynecology Ultrasound
  • 3. Treatment and Cosmetic Laser Therapy
  • 4. Manages & practices safe vaccinations
  • 5. Studied Surgery in College
  • 6. Studied at French – Vietnamese International University, concentrating on Plastic Surgery

Team of doctors

AHIB pays special attention to the development of human workforce. We are proud to be one that successfully trains a team of American-quality doctors in the field of proactive health and beauty care.

Dr.American with at least 12 years of experience

Dr.Harlow with at least 10 years of experience

  • Our team of doctors has been professionally and specially trained about cosmetology, with an official university degree, and granted with practise license.
  • Constantly update and participate in training courses to enhance knowledge.
  • All doctors work both independantly and together with other medical department to bring the best results to the customers.

The most advanced and state-of-the-art machines and equipment

With the leading strength in proactive health & beauty care, AHIB is proud to be the most trusted – qualified address in terms of proactive health care & beauty care. Catching up with the health and beauty care trend, AHIB constantly updates and applies the most advanced and state-of-the art technology from the US, with efficacy and safety certified by US FDA in the treatment and care of health and beauty.